Central Basin Platform

Target Reservoir

On the Central Basin Platform (CBP), Ring Energy, Inc. (REI) is targeting the San Andres formation. The San Andres is a high oil-saturated conventional shallow non-contiguous carbonate reservoir at approximately 5,000 feet and is primarily an oil-bearing formation (approximately 96% oil) that has been drilled and produced for over 90 years. Of the over 30 billion barrels produced from the Permian Basin approximately 40%, or 12 billion barrels, came from the San Andres reservoir.  


REI’s CBP assets are located in Andrews and Gaines Counties, Texas. As of December 31, 2022, we owned interests in a total of 64,774 gross (54,959 net) developed acres and 3,905 gross (2,337 net) undeveloped acres. As of December 31, 2022, the Company had interests in approximately 625 gross vertical and 195 horizontal producing wells, of which we operate 518 vertical and 193 horizontal wells.

In summer 2022, REI acquired additional CBP producing assets and acreage from Stronghold Energy II.  The purchase included 66.6 million Boe of proved reserves of which 41.2 million BOE was proved developed.

The acquisition added about 37,000 net acres primarily in Crane County, Texas that are 99% operated with 99% working interest and 99% held by production.  It also included 200 low-cost and low-risk drilling locations, more than 200 identified low-cost, high rate-of-return recompletion opportunities, and over 100 low-cost, low-risk step out locations.